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Words from our adopters


[Sharol Winston, OR]

 A year ago this past October my daughter came to visit for a few weeks. I think she saw what I didn’t want to see for myself. My two old dogs were losing ground fast. She insisted that I needed to get another dog right away. We got on-line and looked at dozens of homeless dogs.

One in particular caught my eye. She was a little brown puppy that happened to be in foster care with the Pickett County Humane Society in Byrdstown, Tenn. I e-mailed Cathy Crockett, the lady in charge, and asked for an application. When she received it, Cathy did a thorough job of checking me out. She called my vet to be certain I took care of the veterinary needs of my animals. She did a lengthy phone interview with me to be sure I was prepared to deal with Annie’s breed, and that Annie would have a safe, happy, healthy home here in Oregon. She was concerned that Annie would have a fenced yard and proper shelter.

I was very impressed with how much Cathy cares about her job of finding good homes for the animals in her facility. She has one of the hardest jobs I can imagine, and she is good at it. When the decision was made and it was decided that I should have Annie, Cathy and Margo (Annie’s foster mom) did everything in their power to help us with the difficult task of getting Annie from Tennessee to Oregon. They had to make two long trips starting very early in the morning to get Annie to the airport. On the first attempt they had to take her back home with them because of bad weather at one of the layover airports. But my daughter and I were finally able to meet Annie’s plane at the Portland Airport on Dec. 9, 2005. It was love at first sight!!! Since then I have stayed in touch with both Cathy and Margo. It’s fun to keep them updated on Annie’s antics. They seem like old friends to me. They are a couple of awesome ladies doing an awesome job.

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